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The Other Side of Global Warming

Scris la: 27 iulie 2019

Man is involved in climate change, but not like Al Gore and global warming advocates believe.  The first weather change is found in the book of Genesis.  After Adam and …

Angels: What the Bible Says About Them

Scris la: 30 ianuarie 2011, Autor: Loren Seibold

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, never professed a typical Christian faith. She called herself a deist—one who believes in a Creator-God who set the world in motion, …

Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved – 50 Arguments (part two)

Scris la: 2 decembrie 2010

29. PALEONTOLOGY 1. The Pithecanthropus, which is a high sounding name for an ape-man (from Grk. pithekos, ape, and anthropos, man) was found by Dr. Dubois, an ardent evolutionist, in …

Keep Geting Up!

Scris la: 28 noiembrie 2010

The Single Secret to Succeeding in the Christian Walk Who Falls More? Floyd Patterson, nicknamed the Gentleman of Boxing, was the youngest man to ever win the American Heavyweight Boxing …

Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved – 50 Arguments (part one)

Scris la: 19 noiembrie 2010

________________________________________ By REV. WILLIAM A. WILLIAMS, New Jersey, USA Designed (1) as an up-to-date text book, and a companion to all other text books on evolution; and (2) as an …